Everyone knows that traditional wall outlet chargers for cell phones and rechargeable electronic devices use phantom power. In other words, even when the device is not plugged in to the charger, if the charger is still plugged in to the wall, it is still using power while you are out doing your thing. Many experts advise unplugging your device chargers when not in use, but this can be inconvenient.

At a minimum, plugging your electronic device chargers into a power strip is a good idea. When you are not charging devices, turn off the power strip to save money on electricity. Better yet, why not unplug once and for all by harnessing the free electricity provided by nature.

There are many green ways to power your handheld, rechargeable electronic devices. Here are a few:

  • A yo-yo charger. This keen device creates electricity to charge an internal battery that is then used to charge your device.
  • A portable solar charger works great if you are at the park, on the boat or anywhere sunny. A little time in the sun will charge your device.
  • A golf club is being developed that will generate power to charge an internal battery with every swing. Once charged, the battery is used to charge your device.
  • A crank charger is very inexpensive and with a few minutes of cranking, your device will be charged.
  • Another new development is a dance charger that charges a battery while you are dancing the night away. Later, you can use the battery to charge your device.
  • A hand exerciser used for grip exercises is being transformed to a hand grip charger. A bit of grip exercises will charge your device.
  • Mini Wind Generators can easily create enough power to charge your devices.

All of these chargers and more can be found in a brief web search. In fact, with a bit of creativity, more ideas can emerge to offer new charging options for your electronic devices. Since so much of our lives involve the use of rechargeable devices, the most cost-efficient and environmentally responsible way to charge our devices is by harnessing the power of nature. While old-fashioned fuels and earth-threatening power plants continue to raise the cost of traditional power, the sun and wind are still free. Now that the technology to use nature’s free energy is readily available and increasingly more affordable, how can we afford not to make the switch?