Deciding whether or not to choose a quiet fan or a powerful one is an age-old debate. Although everyone wants a fan that can circulate air well in a room, many people also need a quiet fan and won’t disturb their television shows or allows them to sleep at night. Fortunately, we have good news for all of our readers. There’s no reason to have to choose power over quietness—the consumer can find a fan that’s both quiet and powerful. To prove our point, we’ve researched the best quiet fans currently available. Fans that are both powerful and quiet at the same time.

Quick Summary of the Best Quiet Fans

Editor’s Choice: Pelonis Ultra-Quiet Pedestal Fan

We searched high and low looking for a fan that was quiet and powerful. At times, we felt that maybe it was a lost cause, but then we found this fan from Pelonis. We discovered that this quality fan not only was capable of really producing some great airflow, but it was also very quiet. At its higher speeds, it wasn’t completely quiet, but it was quieter than an average box fan. On its lowest couple of settings, however, it was completely silent. Silent enough to be placed into a bedroom without worrying about it disturbing anyone sleeping in the said bedroom. It’s just the type of fan that we wanted to find.

During normal operation, this fan had a decibel rating of approximately 50-decibels. That’s about the same sound level as a modern fridge. On its lower settings, however, it was even quieter than that, with it being quieter than a whisper. Fortunately, this quiet operation didn’t impact the amount of air this unit was capable of moving around the room thanks to its 16-inch blades, its 85-degree oscillation angle and its 24-degree tilt angle. It also has 12-speed settings and a powerful DC motor that’s can move the fan blades well but uses approximately 35% of the energy of most AC motor fans.

This fan has an adjustable height of 3.5 to 4-feet and features a blue LED display, auto power-off function, and remote control. Although it seems that the remote control doesn’t work very well from a distance, if the user is within 4-feet of it, then it seems to work fine. And the remote is the biggest complaint we have about this fan. Otherwise, it’s a great model that’s equipped with a stable base and the motor is equipped with overdraft protection to stop the motor from overheating by shutting it off. It also has a safety grid that keeps children’s fingers and pets paws out of the fan. It is the best quiet fan that we’ve currently found.

What we liked about it
This fan is very quiet, especially the lower settings.
This fan produces a nice amount of air.

Also Recommended: Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan

Right off of the bat, we would like to say that this isn’t the most powerful fan that we’ve every tried. Now, don’t mistake what we’re saying here. We’re not saying that this fan doesn’t have any power, it’s just that it’s not as powerful as other fans that we’ve reviewed. No, if a person is looking for a powerful fan, then they should probably purchase a different fan. On the other hand, if the consumer is looking for one of the quietest fans on the market today, then this is the fan for them. It’s a fan that’s perfect for the bedroom and one that won’t disturb people while they’re sleeping.

Its space-saving design is also perfect for a bedroom as well. It’s approximately 10×8 x32 inches, so it can be easily placed into a corner of the bedroom for nighttime cooling. And since it’s equipped with remote control, it can be placed a good distance away from the person sleeping. It’s also a fan that’s easy-to-setup and one that can be set up without any special tools required. It’s also a fan that’s manufactured by Honeywell, a company known for its quality heating, air conditioning, and fan products. We’re sure that this tower fan is going to be loved and appreciated by a lot of people looking for nocturnal airflow.

One of the features that can be found on this model includes a dimming feature that allows the user to dim the display lights from 100% to 0% in 25% increments. That allows the user to turn the light off, so it doesn’t disturb them at night. It’s also equipped with 8 power settings, touch button electronic controls, oscillation capabilities, and an auto-shutoff feature. The auto-shutoff feature can be set for 1-hour, 2-hours, 4-hours, or 8-hours. That allows the sleeper to turn the fan off while they’re going to sleep and allow the timer to turn it off after a specified amount of time. All of which makes this a great bedroom fan.

What we liked about it
It’s an extremely quiet fan.

Also Consider: Smart Devil Personal USB Desk Fan

We’re going to start this review off by stating that although this fan is extremely quiet, it’s also extremely small. This small fan is approximately 4.7×4.7×1.7-inches, which makes it a small personal fan that’s just big enough to set up on a desk. In other words, it’s the kind of fan that you would put just a foot or two away from you while you’re playing a game or are doing work on the personal computer. It’s also a fan that’s powered by a USB connection, so the consumer can plug it into their computers USB port, or attach it to a USB AC bank that’s plugged into an outlet.

This product is equipped with three different speed settings and each of these settings moves a surprising amount of air. When we first tried this fan, we were fascinated by just how much air this little personal fan produced. And no matter which of its three settings we set it on, it moved air without making a lot of noise. And since it comes with a 3.9-foot USB cable, the user can place it virtually anywhere on their desk. Oh, we almost forgot that it also has a 360-degree tilt rotation, so the consumer can have the air blown on them in any direction possible.

This fan is also simple, so there’s not a whole lot of controls for the user to mess with when using it. There’s a simple on/off button and of course, the three-speed settings. These fans are also available in one of three amazing colors—including blue, white, or pink—so the consumer can match the fan to their environment. Another thing we would like to mention before we concluded this review, however, was its non-slip base. This base not only helps to keep the fan from slipping all over the desk while it’s being used, but it also dampens any vibrations that could come from the fan. This makes it an extremely quiet USB personal fan.

What we liked about it
This fan is quiet and moves quite a bit of air.

A Guide To Choosing A Quiet Fan

When we reviewed some of the best quiet fans, we tried to provide our readers with a nice selection of fans. After all, different people will need different fans for different purposes. We reviewed a pedestal fan, a tower fan, and a small personal fan. Unfortunately, that’s only a small selection of the fans available nowadays, so we decided it might be a good idea to also provide our readers with a quality guide on buying a quiet fan. In this guide, we hope to be able to give our readers some of the concrete tools they will need to make an informed decision. So we did what we normally do when we’re doing a deep dive into a particular subject—we looked at the features that most people find to be the most important and we put them in the guide to educate everyone who might be looking for a fan that is quiet enough for their bedroom. Okay, let’s dive right into the subject and see what people should consider when looking for a quiet fan.

Choose A Type Of Fan

Since quiet fans come in so many different styles, we thought that it would probably be a good idea to briefly cover some of these types, so we can discuss what makes them useful to the consumer. Although there are just too many fans to do detailed breakdowns on, we do think that we can provide an overview that will be helpful to most people.

Tabletop Fans

As their name so eloquently states, these fans are designed to be placed on a tabletop or desktop. Some of these fans plug into an AC outlet, and others plug into a USB outlet, so the consumer should carefully consider how they need their fan to be powered. The main benefit of these fans is that they’re small enough to give the person sitting in front of it just the right amount of air they may need to feel comfortable, and do it without having to circulate air throughout the entire room. As most of our readers can imagine, their small size makes them ill-suited for providing air throughout the whole room.

Pedestal Fans

These fans are designed to move air around the room. They are also designed to do it without the user having to place the fan on another surface because the fan comes with its pedestal. Their stands also allow them to circulate air at just the right height. Box fans have to be propped up on a table, placed in a window or left on the floor. Pedestal fans, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere in the room, which makes them extremely versatile.

Tower Fans

Another popular fan is the tower fan. The main benefit of these fans is that they have a slim design that can be placed anywhere. They also seem to blend in with most people’s decor better than blocky box fans or tall pedestal fans. These fans are also usually packed with features that make them easier to use. This, and their energy efficiency, making them a logical choice for many people.

Box Fans

Box fans are some of the most well-known fans every created. That’s because they’ve been around for decades now. The main benefit of these fans is that they’re inexpensive, yet still powerful enough to cool down a room. The disadvantage of these fans is that they either have to be stood on the floor, which doesn’t circulate air where it’s needed, or be placed on a table or in a window. These fans are usually not the quietest, either. In fact, on high many of these box fans are very loud, so consumers might want to keep that in mind when deciding on whether they want one or not.

Fan Construction

It’s also a good idea to think about how the fan is manufactured. Fans that are designed to be quiet have sturdy metal or plastic construction and either has a solid base or have legs that dampen the vibration caused by the fan.

Choose The Features Required

The next step to choosing a quiet fan is to decide on the features that the fan has. Over the past few years, fan manufacturers have added additional features that the consumer can use to keep the fan as quiet as possible. Below are some of the features that make the fan more useful in areas where the consumer is sleeping.

  • Sleep Modes
  • Dimmable Lighted Controls
  • Automatic Shut-Off Timers
  • A Stable Base That Doesn’t Vibrate
  • Remote Control Operation