When it comes to circulating the air in their home, consumers have a ton of different options available to them. There are floor fans, table fans, tower fans, and window fans. And while all of those fans do a reasonably good job of circulating air in a room, they do have some competition from pedestal fans. These are fans that are elevated off of the floor and don’t have to be placed in a window to circulate air through a room. They’re also very energy efficient, so just about every home can benefit from using them. We’re so fond of these types of fans, we’ve decided to go ahead and review the best pedestal fans currently available.

Quick Summary of the Best Pedestal Fans

Best Overall: Vornado 683DC Energy-Smart Pedestal Fan

Even though we imagine that some people will look at this fan and pass on it due to it being more expensive than most of the pedestal fans on the market today, it’s our opinion that that would be a mistake. We feel that there’s simply no other fan that can do what the Vornado can do. It’s not only a fan that’s well made and backed by a 10-year industry-leading promise but is also 80% more energy-efficient than just about any other pedestal fan sold today. And even if it didn’t move a ton of air, which it does, we feel that these features would make it one of the best pedestal fans available.

To understand how this fan is a step above just about any other fan available, you first have to take a closer look at how it’s made. This fan is made with a special design that allows it to be highly efficient and yet is still capable of pushing air 80-feet. With many other pedestal fans, a higher level of efficiency means that the fan can’t push air as hard as less efficient fans, but that’s simply not the case with this one. It’s energy-efficient and can circulate all of the air in a room quite easily. That makes it the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to cool down their room or make sure that it’s adequately moving.

This fan is capable of working so well, as well as being so durable because it’s made with a brushless DC motor that just works better than other fans. This fan is also equipped with a stand that adjusts from 32-inches up to 38-inches, so the consumer can choose the height that’s right for their room. This model also has a dial located right in front of it that makes it easy for the consumer to adjust airflow. And because this fan has a pivoting head, the consumer can choose the angle at which the air in their room is circulated. Taking all of these features into consideration, it’s easy for us to state that this pedestal fan is more than worth its price tag.

What we liked about it
It moves a ton of air.
It’s durable and can run continuously without a problem.

Also Recommended: Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan

Since we understand that not everyone wants to buy a fan with a premium price but they still need a fan that’s capable of moving air in a larger room, we’ve decided to make this fan our second pedestal fan choice. It’s a basic model that’s half the price of the Vornado, but still does a good job of moving air. Sure, it doesn’t quite move the amount of air that our number one choice does, but that’s why it’s in our second-place position. Having said that, we still feel that many people are going to enjoy using this fan and will find it to be a model that works well and is affordable.

This fan features a 16-inch double blade head that has oscillation so air can easily be moved over a larger area. It also has three speeds settings, with its lowest setting being exceptionally quiet. Now ordinarily when we’d review a very quiet fan, we’d say that it is perfect for use in bedrooms or other areas where people may be sleeping. However, we can’t recommend this fan for that purpose. That’s because it has LED controls that light upon its base that come on when the fan is on. And unfortunately, these lights can be turned down or off unless the person turns the fan off. This makes it ill-suited for rooms that people expect to be dark.

This fan also has an adjustable height of 48-inches and is equipped with a tilting head, so it can move air at the specific height and angle that the consumers need it to. Other features that can be found on this quality pedestal fan include a removable grille, a 1 to 8-hour auto-off timer, remote control operation, and electronic LED controls. As most of our readers will be able to see, that makes this a quality fan worth checking out.

What we liked about it
It pushes quite a bit of air.
It’s very quiet while it’s running.

Also Consider: Lasko 2535 52-Inch Pedestal Tower Fan

Although this fan is a bit strange looking, it does do a decent job of moving air. Now, we’re not saying that it’s as powerful as the first two pedestal fans on our list, but it does work as well as just about any other type of fan would. This fan kind of looks like someone mashed together a tower fan and a pedestal fan, but we still think that it has a style that will fit in well with most homes. And it seems to be a well-built model and we expect that this fan is capable of lasting for quite a few years before it needs to be replaced. In other words, it seems to us to be a quality model.

What we liked about this fan the most was that it seemed to be equipped with several high-quality features. This pedestal fan has three different speeds, has a built-in 6-hour timer, and has a wireless remote control that allows it to be operated from across the room. It also has an adjustable height that makes it easy for the consumer to set it to a height that’s appropriate to their room. We also like that it has a shutoff timer that can turn the fan off in 30-minutes or as much as 7.5-hours and that this timer is adjustable in 30-minute increments.

We also enjoyed that this fan had directional louvers that the user can move slightly to get air moving where they need it to go. It’s also equipped with a sleep mode button that can be touched and will automatically set the fan to run for 6-hours before it’s turned off. And since this fan is easy to assemble and can be fully setup in only a matter of minutes, the consumer can begin using this fan right away. Taking all of these into consideration, it’s obvious that this is a fan that’s going to be put to good use in a lot of different homes.

What we liked about it
This fan is quiet and energy-efficient.

A Guide To Buying A Pedestal Fan

Anyone not interested in reading this guide can simply buy one of the fans that we’ve reviewed. Although each of those fans is the best fans for very different reasons, there’s more than enough selection for consumers to find what works for them. However, if our readers have looked at the above fan and still want to search for other models, then they can always read this guide. This guide will attempt to give the consumer the information they need to make the best choice possible when buying a new pedestal fan. 

Step One: Choose Fan Size

The first step to choosing the best pedestal fan is to consider the size of the room that the fan is going to be used in. What’s the best size fan for your room? Well, that depends. For the average size room, a 16-inch pedestal fan might be sufficient, but for larger rooms, then the consumer is going to want to get at least a 20-inch pedestal fan for the best results. 

Step Two: Fixed Or Oscillating Head

The second step to choosing a great pedestal fan is to consider whether you need a fan with a fixed head or one that oscillates. In our experience, it’s almost always best to buy an oscillating fan because these can be adjusted to either a fixed or to oscillate, while fixed heads are always in one position. Of course, not all fans are capable of oscillating, so the consumer is also going to want to consider if the fan’s other features make up for the fact that the fan doesn’t oscillate at all. Smaller rooms usually don’t need a fan that can oscillate, but for larger rooms, it’s almost a necessity. 

Step Three: Let’s Talk About Adjustable Fan Height

The consumer is most likely also going to want to make sure that they can adjust the height of the fan as well. Although most pedestal fans do have a height that can be adjusted, that’s not true of all of them, so the consumer should make sure to do their due diligence. The fans that do have an adjustable height can usually be adjusted up to 36-inches. 

Step Four: Consider A Tilting Head

Now, we’re not going to say that every pedestal fan has to have a tilting head, but we do feel that it is an important feature. An adjustable head allows the fan to be pointed downwards or upwards as needed by the user. It’s just another way for the user to customize the airflow in their room so that it follows a pattern that’s most comfortable to them. Of course, if the consumer doesn’t feel that this feature is important, they can feel free to skip it and get one that doesn’t have a tilting head. 

Step Five: Think About Fan Speeds

Another important factor to consider, and the one most likely to directly contribute to the comfort of the user, is the speed of the fan. All decent fans have at least three basic speeds: low, medium and high. We would consider that to be the most basic requirement for any fan to have. However, some of the high-end pedestal fans provide more than just these three basic speeds. Some of them, such as the Vornado, is equipped with a variable speed feature that allows the user to choose the speed that’s perfect for their needs. 

Step Six: Is It Suitable For Sleep?

If the consumer is looking for a fan for their living room probably won’t be too concerned with this step, but for anyone looking for a fan for their bedroom, this step is absolutely essential. In order for a fan to be good for the bedroom, it needs to have a quiet or low-speed mode that the fan can be turned to. The fan should also either be without lighted LED controls or there should be a way to turn the lights off. And finally, the best bedroom pedestal fans are equipped with sleep timers that will automatically turn the fan off after a preset amount of time has passed. This allows people to fall asleep with the fan on but not have to worry about the fan making them too cold in the middle of the night. 

And Finally…

Before we go, we’d like to list a few of the other things that the consumer might want to consider before they buy the best pedestal fan for their needs. The following features will ensure that the fan they choose will be right for their needs. Let’s take a look at them more closely.

  • Consider Power Cord Length
  • Consider Whether The Grill Is Removable
  • Consider Automatic Shutoff Timers