Tower fans have to be one of the most dramatic and useful innovations to happen to house fans in the past several decades. Although these devices are tall and slim—which allows them to be placed anywhere in a room—they are capable of delivering some truly epic amounts of airflow. Putting just one or two of these fans in a home can result in some serious energy savings over a year. All of this is why we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves and review some of the best tower fans that consumers can currently buy and use in their homes.

Quick Summary of the Best Tower Fans

Best Overall: Lasko 4930 Oscillating High-Velocity Tower Fan

This product is the best tower fan because it’s a great combination of style, function, and features. This product is only 12×8.8×35 inches, so it can be placed virtually anywhere in a room and it’s made with a high-quality outer case that’s durable and resistant to impacts. It’s also equipped with oscillation and directional louvers, so the homeowner can direct airflow just about anywhere they need it. They can turn the oscillation on so that the fan sweeps the room from side-to-side, and then they can adjust the louvers to direct the air either up or down. This allows areas of the room that normally doesn’t get air to get air.

This fan is equipped with three powerhouse speeds—low, medium, and high speeds—so the consumer can get the air velocity they need at all times or allow the fan to operate quietly. This fan is also equipped with an LED display that makes it easy to see how the fan is set, and a wireless remote control that allows the user to adjust the fan speed, oscillation and the timer from afar.

Other features found on this quality fan include a built-in carry handle and a built-in four-hour timer. This product also is fully assembled, so the consumer doesn’t have to worry about putting the fan together before they can get good use out of it. Its cord is a little shorter than we would’ve liked, but it was otherwise a great fan that anyone can use.

What we liked about it
This is an incredibly powerful fan.
It has oscillation and directional louvers.

Best Quiet Fan: Honeywell Quiet-Set Whole Room Fan

Some people may be tempted to pass over this tower fan because it doesn’t have an appealing aesthetic as some of the other fans we’ve reviewed, but in our opinion that would be a terrible mistake. Although this fan’s white plastic exterior kind of stands out when it’s placed into a room, it is a fan that’s packed with power and features. This fan is equipped with five different cooling levels. It has a sleep level that makes the fan whisper quiet but still allows it to circulate air, and it has a power cool setting that knocks out a lot of air. And these settings, as well as the other three that it has, can be easily controlled thanks to this fan’s easy-touch controls.

This fan is also equipped with quite a few other great features. For example, it has an automatic shutoff timer that can be set in increments of 1-hour, 2-hours, 4-hours or 8-hours. It also features a remote control that allows the user to operate it without getting up from the comfort of their chair or bed.

And this model is also equipped with oscillation, so all areas of the room can get the airflow it deserves. Another thing that we liked was that the control panel lights on this unit dim after fifteen seconds, so it’s easy to use in the bedroom for some nocturnal cooling. And considering this model can be assembled quickly and without tools, there’s no reason not to place this fan in the home.

What we liked about it
It provides five levels of cooling.
It has oscillation and easy-touch controls.

Best Affordable: Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan

After taking a look at this fan, there are quite a few things that we liked about it. What we liked about it was that it had four-speed settings that include eco-mode, low, medium, and high. And these speeds move air well, but the higher speed setting isn’t as quiet as we would’ve liked or expected from a tower fan. We thought it was a bit noisy. However, that’s only with that high setting, and that’s our only complaint about this quality model. It’s otherwise a model that anyone would be pleased to have in their home and one that’s sure to keep the consumer’s summers nice and cool.

This model has a steel air intake grill that’s designed to direct the fan’s airflow, all while providing little air resistance and while providing the user with the durability they expect out of a tower fan. Another thing worth mentioning about this fan is that it oscillates side-to-side, and is capable of providing a full 75-degrees of air movement.

The next thing that we liked about this unit was that its design was very compact and took up less than a square foot of space, all while looking good in the process. Other features found on this model include a 275 cubic-feet-per-minute airflow, an easy-to-read and use control panel, a remote control, and a timer that’s programmable from 30-minutes all the way up to 7.5-hours.

What we liked about it
It has four different setting levels.
It can oscillate side-to-side.

Best Fan/Heater Combo: Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo

One of the first things that most people will notice about this tower fan is that it’s more expensive than most other models, but there’s a good reason for that fact. It’s because this product isn’t just a tower fan, but it is also a 3-speed 1,500-watt ceramic heater. The combination of these two ordinarily separate devices allows the consumer to keep a room warm-cool on warm summer days and to keep the same room warm on cool winter nights. And it does this while remaining safe to use because it’s not only equipped with overheat protection but also with a tip-over safety switch as well. It’s also ETL-listed so consumers can use it with confidence.

The next thing we liked about this unit was that although it stood at 42-inches, it only took up a 13×13-inch footprint. This vertical design allows it to be used in spaces where the ordinary box or floor fans wouldn’t be able to be used. This unit can be used in fan-only mode, heater-only mode, or a combination fan/heat mode. This makes this unit versatile enough for all-season use. Additional features found on this model include digital electronic controls, a digital automatic thermostat, and an 8-hour auto-shutoff time.

If there’s one complaint we had about this tower fan it’s the fact that its lights are a little bit bright and can disturb a person’s sleep if used in the bedroom. Other than that inconvenience, however, we think this is a solid tower fan that many people are going to appreciate using.

What we liked about it
It’s both a tower fan and a heater.
It has a small footprint.

The Consumer’s Guide To Tower Fans

We’ve offered our readers some of the best tower fans that we could find. Models that provided convenience, good airflow and didn’t cost an arm-and-a-leg to do it. However, we do understand that people may want to have a concrete way of picking the fan they like from among the four we’ve listed, or who may want to purchase a different tower fan altogether. That’s why we felt it was high time that we assembled a guide that puts all the information the consumer needed to purchase a tower fan that fits their needs.

How Do Tower Fans Operate?

One of the most frequently asked questions that people have about these fans when they first discover is just exactly how they work. And the answer to that question isn’t all that difficult. Most of them have a cylindrical vertical fan in them that rotates at a high-speed rate to push air through the fan’s louvers. However, some other models have a horizontal fan that pushes the air up where it’s directed out of the unit, although these models aren’t as common as the vertical cylindrical fans. Either way, the internal components work, however, the inner working is protected by a slim tower that keeps prying fingers out of it and allows the unit to be placed in a smaller area than an ordinary box fan. 

Choosing The Best Tower Fan

Okay, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this guide. In this section, we want to take a few moments of our reader’s times and talk about some of the things that they should be thinking about when buying a new tower fan. Although the compulsion of most people is to choose the fan that’s the most aesthetically pleasing at the time they’re searching for a fan, that is one of the last considerations the consumer should consider. Instead, let’s start with the most important features to consider and then work our way from there. 

The Size Of The Fan

Yes, it might be tempting to think about fan strength and the number of fan speeds first while searching for a new fan, but the size of the fan is the most important. Not only does the consumer want to purchase a fan large enough to deliver the ribbon of air that they need it to deliver, but they also want to make sure that the fan has a footprint small enough for them to place it where they need it. When figuring out the size of the fan, the consumer needs to think about the fan’s height and then consider its footprint. Most of these fans have a height of anywhere from 30-42+ inches and most of them have a footprint of anywhere from 8 to 13 inches. The footprint will determine where the fan can be placed easily and the height will tell the user how big of an air ribbon the fan can produce. Ideally, the consumer is going to want to choose the smallest footprint and the tallest fan height that’s feasible for their home. 

The Number Of Fan Speeds

Although it’s virtually impossible to tell just how much air a fan can circulate by looking at its online listing or its box in the store, the consumer can get a hint from the number of different speeds the fan has. As a general rule, the tower fans that are capable of producing the highest amount of airflow are the ones with the most settings. So, instead of choosing a tower fan that has only 3-speeds, the consumer should choose one that has 4 or 5-speeds instead. 

Tower Fan’s Aesthetics

Okay, we said that the aesthetics of the tower fan shouldn’t be the first thing that the consumer should consider, but we didn’t say it wasn’t important. Even though tower fans are small enough that they can virtually blend into the background, they are still going to be an integral part of the consumer’s décor. Therefore, a person who has a wood and leather themed room probably isn’t going to want to choose a tower fan that’s bright white or pink. At least, that’s not something that we would do. 

Other Features To Consider

Don’t worry, this guide is almost over, but before we go we’d like to talk about some of the other features that are important when considering a new tower fan. The following features are a few of the features that make tower fans easier to use or more versatile. So, we’ll take just a few more moments of our reader’s time and talk about the features that the consumer might want to think about. 

  • Energy-Saving Mode
  • Sleep-Mode
  • Auto-Shutoff Timer
  • Built-In Ceramic Heaters
  • Movable Louvre
  • Oscillation