Frequently asked questions

With the launch of the full version of LocalCooling, will the beta version still work?

The full version of LocalCooling uses a new database structure, which means that, as of the 4th of March 2008, activity for the beta version is no longer supported. LocalCooling Beta will still function on a local basis (eg it will shutdown your PC when not in use), however any energy saving it records will not be uploaded to the LocalCooling.com server.

LocalCooling is giving me an error message. How do I resolve this?

After uninstalling LocalCooling Beta, and then trying to launch the new LocalCooling client, some users are receiving the following error:

“Error – could not apply power settings. User not in elevated privilege mode!”

To solve this issue please follow these steps:
1) Go to the Start menu, select the Control Panel and then choose Power Options.

Or you can go to the Start menu, click on Run and then type powercfg.cpl before pressing OK.

2) Next choose Home/Office Desk from the Power schemes drop-down menu, and then click on OK.

3) Finally you will need to restart LocalCooling.

I have installed the full LocalCooling, however my savings are now showing as zero!

Whenever the LocalCooling client is uninstalled from a PC, all files related to the program are removed from the system. This means that your previous savings are deleted from your computer and immediately after having installed the latest version of LocalCooling your savings will show as being zero. The good news is that the LocalCooling servers keep track of the performance of all account holders. Therefore the servers still record the amount you saved, using LocalCooling Beta, up until the full version of LocalCooling was released (on the 4th of March). To retrieve your historical savings all you need to do is login to LocalCooling through the My account tab on the application’s interface.

Will LocalCooling work with Microsoft Vista?

We are pleased to confirm that LocalCooling is fully compatible with Microsoft Vista. In mid March, Microsoft will be updating Vista by releasing its Service Pack 1 [SP1]. This update could cause conflicts with LocalCooling and so, anticipating this, we will also be releasing a LocalCooling upgrade to ensure that it continues to work seamlessly with this operating system. Therefore users are advised not to install Vista SP1 until they have installed the upgraded version of LocalCooling.