One of the best solutions for circulating air in the home, or providing much-needed summer-heat relief, is to set up and use a floor fan in the home. These fans are capable of circulating the air closer to the floor—air that’s cooler because cool air sinks and hot air rises. This can significantly lower cool down the room the fan is used in and help take the burden off a wall or window air conditioner. We have such faith in these fans that we’ve decided to review some of the best floor fans that are currently being sold nowadays. Any of the following fans are sure to provide the air circulation that the consumer needs in their living room, bedroom or anywhere else it’s needed.

Quick Summary of the Best Floor Fans

Editor’s Choice: Stanley ST-20F High-Velocity 20-Inch Fan

Floor fans are an exceptional choice for room air circulation. Because cool air sinks and warm air rises, these fans quite literally move the coolest air in the room. This can result in lower air conditioning costs during the hot months of summer.

These fans also do a good job of circulating air in the room. They pull air near the floor and then blow that air upward slightly. This creates the effect of moving air up, around the room and then back towards the floor again. This is quite different from box fans that blow the air in a straight line towards whatever happens to be in front of it.

Although some people might be worried about the price of this floor fan, we’d like our readers to consider the following question. How many box fans have you gone through? Since box fans tend to be so flimsy, many people end up buying one or two box fans during a year.

The fan either falls out of the window or is knocked over by children or pets, causing damage to the grill and/or the fan’s blades. However, that’s not going to happen with this industrial fan. This fan is made from quality materials and the blades are connected directly to the fan’s motor so there’s no belts or pulleys to break.

The best thing about this floor fan, however, is that it pushes the air quite well. It has three different speed settings that allow the consumer to set the fan according to their needs. That makes this product perfect for not only warehouses, garages or workshops, but also good for many homes as well.

Although it might not be as quiet as most consumer fans, we didn’t consider that to be a deal-breaker. This fan is capable of delivering 4,800 cubic-feet-per-minute airflows and is perfect for cooling any environment. That makes it a fan that we’re proud of recommending.

What we liked about it
This fan moves a lot of air.
This fan seems to be very durable.

Also Recommended: Max Storm 1/2-HP Lightweight Floor Fan

Even though this floor fan is conceived of as an industrial fan and not a fan for home use, we do feel that it’s one of the better fans being manufactured these days. This fan is available in either blue or orange, and it has two speeds for consumers to choose from. This fan is approximately 16×16.5×19.5-inches in size and has a 25-foot power cord that allows it to be plugged in just about anywhere.

This product also has a 1/2-HP motor that really pushes air. Normally, this fan would be used by carpet cleaners to dry carpets or janitors to dry wet floors, but we think that it has air circulation capabilities as well that’s going to impress just about anyone.

Another thing that really impressed us about this fan was that it was capable of delivering air from three different angles. The consumer can have to blow horizontally, blow at a forty-five-degree angle or blow air at a ninety-degree angle. That allows the consumer to decide which fan angle is right for their application.

If they need the maximum amount of air to blow across a wet floor or carpet, then they can choose the horizontal option. If they need to use the fan more for room air circulation and not for drying floors, then they can choose either the forty-five or ninety-degree angles.

This floor fan also had a recessed control switch that’s water-resistant and allows the consumer to safely choose the fan’s speed. Other features found on this model include safety certifications, a 5-amp current draw and a durable well-built shell that’s designed to hold up to heavy use.

And because this product is portable, it can be used virtually anywhere. It can be used in the shop, in the home or in the garage. Sure, it costs more than the other floor fans that we’ve reviewed, but we do feel that it’s a quality model that will provide the consumer with years of service.

What we liked about it
It’s loaded with exciting features.
It has a 25-foot power cord.

Also Consider: Lasko 20-Inch High-Velocity Fan

Anyone who has been trying to decide between a floor and a wall fan can now take heart in knowing that they don’t have to choose between these two types of fan types. That’s because this Lasko fan is capable of being easily used as a floor fan or a wall fan.

It has a Quick Mount System that allows it to be quickly converted from floor to wall mount, so the consumer can decide for themselves how they need to use it. All they have to do is mount the included bracket to the wall, and they can then easily attach the fan to it. Or, if they prefer, they can use it as one of the best value floor fans currently available.

This model might be one of the more inexpensive ones but it does deliver some power. This product has three speeds: low, medium and high, and each of these settings do produce some great air circulation. At low speed, the fan is capable of producing 3,160 cubic-feet of air movement per minute, at medium speed, it can produce 3,320 CFM, and on high it can produce 3,460 CFM. That’s not as impressive as the fans on the number one or two positions of our list, but it’s still better than what most fans are capable of providing to the user.

Another thing worth mentioning about this floor fan is that it has a pivoting head that can direct air floor down, up or just about anywhere in between to get air exactly where it’s needed. And finally, it’s worth mentioning that this fan is built to last, so the consumer can rest assured that they’re not going to have to replace it every season.

It’s made with a metal cage and a stand that’s designed to last quite a long time. It has has a carry handle that allows the user to carry the fan just about anywhere in the home easily and quickly. All things taken into consideration, this is a great budget fan.

What we liked about it
It’s a high-velocity fan.
It’s a fan that’s reasonably priced.

A Guide To Choosing A Quality Floor Fan

Anyone who has a room that’s warmer than the rest of the home or needs to improve the air circulation in their home is going to want to get a floor fan. These fans help to move air around a room and can actually help air conditioners in these rooms work better. However, that’s only possible if the consumer takes the time to purchase the best floor fan for their needs. How do they know that the fan they’re thinking of purchasing is among the best? They can quite easily determine if a fan is suitable for their needs by simply reading this guide on the subject and putting this information to good use. 

Step One: Consider The Fan’s CFM

The absolute first thing that the consumer is going to want to think about is how much air the fan circulates. And this is true regardless of whether the consumer is purchasing a floor fan, a window fan or some other type of fan. They can determine the amount of air the fan is capable of circulating by looking at its CFM rating. Let’s find out what CFM is and why it’s important below. 

CFM stands for cubic-feet-per-minute and this tells the consumer in real terms just how much air the fan will move per minute. Most people are going to want to make sure that their fan is capable of moving at least 2,800 CFM of air or more. However, having just said that, it’s probably important to note that with higher fan speeds usually comes with an increase in sound levels, so the consumer will want to weigh the fan speed they need against its noise-level to truly come away with a fan that works well for their home. 

Step Two: Consider Fan Size

The next thing the consumer is going to want to keep in mind is the size of the fan. The consumer is going to want to choose a model that’s large enough to move the amount of air they need to move, but not so large that it doesn’t fit into the room’s space where it’s needed the most. Therefore, the consumer is going to want to measure the place where they are going to place the fan and then make sure they buy a fan that’s sized appropriately.

Step Three: Construction Matters

It’s also extremely important for the consumer to consider how the fan is constructed. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with fans that have plastic shrouds or covers, especially if they’re made from industrial-grade plastic, most of the time the consumer is going to want to choose a floor fan with a metal grill and blades. Fans made using quality steel or aluminum last longer and are more durable than fans made with lesser materials. 

Step Four: Consider The Fan’s Power Cord

Another thing the consumer is going to want to consider is the length of the power cord. And this is where most consumers are going to have a lot of options available to them. There are fans with power cords that are only 4-feet long, and fans with power cords that are 25-feet long. And of course, there are fans with the power cord of just about any length in between. The consumer should choose a fan with a power cord length that’s long enough for the fan to be plugged into the nearest outlet, but not so long that it gets in the consumer’s way.

Step Five: Consider Fan Speeds

The consumer is also going to want to give some serious consideration to the number of speeds their floor fan has. Although some people may only need two fan speeds—low or high—other people are probably going to want to choose a fan with three or four speeds. 

Step Six: Consider Additional Features

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we are now going to turn our attention to some of the optional features that the consumer might need their fan to have. Although the following features are nice for a fan to have and make it more convenient to use, they aren’t what we would consider essential features. Even so, our readers might still want to check them out and see if they are something that they will want their floor fan to be equipped with. 

  • Fan Grill That Can Be Removed For Cleaning
  • Ability To Be Mounted To A Wall
  • Adjustable Blower Angle
  • Reversible Fan Speed
  • A Carry Handle 
  • Top Mounted Controls