So, let us introduce ourselves. Uniblue is a provider of innovative software solutions for PC operational problems such as security, performance and backup. LocalCooling is a non-commercial project from the Uniblue Labs team.

More than 30 billion kilowatts of energy is wasted because many of us simply forget to shut down our computers when we’re not using them. With a more efficient power save mode the PC user community can make a real difference to Global Warming!

This fact conceived the idea for LocalCooling from the Uniblue Labs team. Even though PC power consumption is a small fraction of total energy use, it is still big enough to be a contributory factor. Local Cooling is our contribution to the fight against global warming. It’s a way for the PC user community to come together and make a difference today!

It is also a way to make people more aware of how much energy everyday appliances like computers actually consume and what it equals in environmental terms . Take your microwave oven for example. It uses up more power every day just to run that little clock 24/7 than it does to cook your dinner in it!

The mighty Mississippi river starts as a stream!

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