If one person, running LocalCooling on one computer, can make a difference to global warming, imagine what a change could be made by running LocalCooling on all the computers in an organization! Not only does installing this application translate into money saved through energy savings, but your commitment to LocalCooling proves your environmental credentials and shows your willingness to put in place practices that reduce your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

To make it easier for organizations to implement energy savings, LocalCooling is designed to be installed across whole networks of computers, quickly and easily. Enjoy the benefits of network cooling, today, by following these easy steps:

1. Create a corporate account on LocalCooling.com. It is important that when you create this you select I want to create this group, from the Create an account page, and then enter a group name.

2. Then create LocalCooling.com accounts, for all network users, by exporting the directory service file in comma spaced variable [CSV] format.

3. You can then upload the CSV version of the directory service file to our website. The upload option can be found towards the bottom of the My account page of LocalCooling.com.

4. You will then need to ensure that LocalCooling is running on each user’s PC. To achieve this, individual users can install LocalCooling themselves. Alternatively, as Network Administrator, you can use one of a number of different network deployment methods, including logon scripts, Active Directory Group Policies, SMS/Configuration Manager, or a range of third party products. For more information about MSI options please visit: