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By joining LocalCooling, it’s possible for all of us, even as an individual to make a contribution to tackling global warming. We would like your help to create a global community of millions working towards the same goal, reducing PC power consumption and making people more aware of savings that can be made, without a huge effort or personal cost.

Start with your own PC, then get your friends involved, get it into schools, your work, public service places and anywhere else were computers can be found.

Our goal is to have 100 million people connected to the same network making a big impact on redusing global warming. It is up to you to make LocalCooling a success.

Below are a number of projects that we encourage our users to take part it. Visit our forum to discuss even more ideas with fellow members. Take action today!

In order for the LocalCooling project to attract users we need traffic. If you own a website or blog please link to us. If you use your LocalCooling account you will be credited with points for every referral. More Info…

If you are a saver why not show off your stats on your website or blog and at the same time help LocalCooling to attract new users. If you use your LocalCooling account you will be credited for every referral. More Info…

One of the best ways to spread the word is the use of viral marketing. If you have the skills please create your own LocalCooling promotional movie and submit it to YouTube. Every movie will also be listed and promoted on our site. More Info…

The easiest way to spread LocalCooling and something everyone can do is simply to tell your friends about it. Click Here to use our Tell a Friend Form.

If you have a blog, MySpace or any other personal page you can do a lot to help us in our fight. Please click here for suggestions!

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